Friday, February 09, 2007


Have been humming this one all week... it's such a fun song :)

I can laugh
When things ain't funny
Ha ha, happy-go-lucky me

Yeah, I can smile
When I ain't got no money
Ha, ha, happy-go-lucky me

It may sound silly but I don't care
I got the moonlight, I got the sun
I got the stars above

Me and my filly, we both share
Happy-go-lucky love

Well, life is sweet
Sweet as honey
Ha ha, happy-go-lucky me

- Paul Evans

PS: The song's from Pecker


Rachel C Miller said...

Cool, Keep singing, I make up songs all the time,sometimes, fun and silly ones. I always said there is a ten year old hidden in everyone of us... I kind of let mine out more often then most.
Your winter pictures are beautiful but you know your getting older when you start enjoying through the glass of a window. I think it has to do with who you share those winter days. The right person can melt the snow on the coldest day..

Sea and Sky said...

rachel c miller:
thanks for the comments. i agree... there cannot not be a child in each one of us.