Friday, December 22, 2006

Trees, tears and snow

I came back from the dead

and believed

this gave me the right

to speak to others

but when I found myself face to face with them

I had nothing to say


I learned

over there

that you cannot speak to others.

- Charlotte Delbo (in Useless Knowledge)


Children with out voices said...

I love the poetry, One of my favorites is the "winter of my life" The key to unlocking what the darkness brings is to release the memories trapped inside of me. I thought it was the season that froze me in tracks, a i was continously afraid of looking back, lost amongst thicket and still caught up in the freeze,seized by the moment I had fallen to my knees.I beg the winter to be kind and release me from the past as the chill is gain very fast. The season of winter, whispered in my ear, it's not of nature that sent the despair, causing you such rentless fair. The winter that you fail that pierces like a knife it belongs to winter "the winter of your life. "

Sea and Sky said...

children with out voices:
thanks for the lovely poem :)