Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ever inhaled clouds???

There's something very comforting about this poem... this is some sort of a "heartwarming" poem... windows are amazing things, truly!!

You know,
We could get pretty deep
about windows.
They could be metaphors
for all kinds of
philosophical things.
But do you know what I think
about windows?
I like them.
You know why?
Because on a snowy day,
I can sit insideAnd be warm,
And be outside, too.

-Sharon Terry

I was once staying in a hotel in Mussoorie, and it was amazing to sit next to a big window in my room and watch the fog slowly rise in the valley below... and I could then open the window and let the fog and the clouds in... it was just amazing... have you ever inhaled clouds???


m. said...

what a lovely poem! i like the other one youve posted before as well. must see if i read more of her work :)

and thanks for stopping by: im SO glad that tulir is up on the web as well now. hats off to you folks!

(at the risk of sounding like a permutation sum (:d), which of you is this? Vy, Vp, A or N?! ...of course thats only if im permitted to ask - ignore that otherwise!)

Sea and Sky said...

i really like some of the poems written by sharon terry (in fact "if you should meet me" is one of my favorites). there's a certain integrity and rythm in her poetry. you can check out more of her at

thanks for your affirmation of our belief and work, and more than that, of the cause :)

of course you may ask. i'm A. hey you know us all!